This is a six month program that seeks to build on three major areas;


Part of the experience under Discipleship will include:

  • Bible study & Daily devotionals
  • Liturgy : a call to introspect and allow God to speak into our lives
  • Experiential learning: Involvement in various outdoor activities including team building, forest expeditions and hikes that reinforce the various lessons discipleship calls to learn.
Servant Leadership.

Under Servant Leadership the camper/ student will get to:

  • Do community service, for example, help paint a local school, prison or Hospital.
  • Community outreach; where we shall interact with different cultures in the community.
  • Local Camp involvement: since Wendo hosts and runs various camps, students will get to grow in serving and leading through accomplishing a variety of tasks and acquire skills in building trust, communication, team work, vulnerability etc.
Skill Development.
  • Allows the camper space to grow and learn new art techniques
  • Allows the camper interaction with already established artists
  • Allows the camper to create and their own portfolio
  • The camper gets to interact with different media within the program and builds on what they feel is their form of art expression

The program:

  • 24 weeks long with a week’s break after the first three months.
  • Campers / students will be allowed certain weekends to travel home, if need be, when the weekend activity is light.
  • The six months are split into two phases of 3 months each.

First Phase:

  • Deconstructive stage
  • Answers the questions – how? And why?
  • Allows the camper to grow a bigger scope of his/her abilities
  • Grows the opportunity to look past their ability or talent into how that affects society and life at large
  • Allows the camper to explore how God can be a muse to their artistic expressions

Second Phase:

  • Reconstructive stage
  • Answers the questions – what? And where?
  • The campers/ students get to work on a long project(s)
  • They get to specialize on their art technique.
  • Discipleship and servant leadership is reinforced

Also featured in this course are interactions with various established and practicing artists that execute various techniques for example;

  1. Pottery
  2. Beading
  3. Sculpting
  4. Painting
  5. Mosaic
  6. Mixed media
  7. Print Art
  8. Curation

In addition to these interactions, the campers / students will  get to undertake field trips that enhance the process of learning. This will include at least three trips to:

  • A local art body - Kuona Trust / Godowns Art Centre
  • A Local art gallery - Polka Dot art gallery/ Little Art Gallery
  • An Artists collective Studio - The Dust Depo, Brush Tu studios.

The weekly program (Monday - Friday):

  • 8.00 am - 9.00 am : Daily devotional
  • 9.00 am - 10.15 am : Lesson 1
  • 10.15 am -10.40 am: Break
  • 10.45 am - 12.45 pm: Lesson 2
  • 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm: Lunch
  • 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm : Studio sessions
  • 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm : Free time
  • 7.00 pm- 8.00 pm: Dinner
  • 8.15 pm – 10.15pm: Studio sessions/sketch studies/pinup

Monday mornings, from 9am to 1pm, we will
have a different outdoor experiential activity. 
And on selected Fridays there will be opportunities
to go collect junk in various locations for purposes
of Recycling and Junk Art .tudio sessions/ sketch
studies/ pin up.

Some of the lessons the campers/ students will learn in this course include:

  1. Studies of their chosen subject matter in pencil/ charcoal/ pastel/ paint.
  2. Redefining Art
  3. Elements of Art
  4. Expressions and Techniques of Art
  5. Subject Matter in Art
  6. Art Curation
  7. Exhibiting and Documenting Art
  8. Pricing and Valuing art
  9. Perspective Building; - art, society, God.

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