We believe that Creation care is a holistic ethic and we have a duty to perform. In other words, humanity and the rest of creation are part of all of creation. Therefore, creation-care does not just mean caring for “nature,” nor does it just mean caring for humanity; it means caring for both.

The Earth is the Lord’s
Col. 1:16b: “all things were created by him (Christ) and for him.”
I Cor. 10:26: “‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.’”

School Environment Clubs Initiative & Education Resource Centre – These are activity clubs that have targeted Schools in our locality and in the vicinity of the Bahati forest. We engage with students in form two and three by promoting a curriculum on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) with the kind permission from AFEW, as well as bridging the information gap by collecting publications, newsletters, posters and other Environment material often not accessible in the rural areas we are located.
These are housed in a Resource Centre manned by the coordinator of the School Clubs Initiative. The School clubs aim to initiating tree nurseries in all participating clubs. Ultimately our concerted efforts are aimed at adopting the Bahati Forest once it comes up for concession.

Nature Project – Wendo actively Promotes indigenous Tree planting at the BAHATI-DUNDOORI Forests, located 6kms from our site in conjunction with Haradari Indigenous tree nursery and the local community and with permission from KFS.

Character Counts Soccer Tournament.
The Tournament’s objective is to promote good citizenry amongst the Youth in our area.
It involves Soccer as the main sport amongst other sporting activity but is more about community building and the instilling of good morals amongst its youth with a view to shaping responsible and upright youth within our community. Through the tournament season, we offer a discipleship program to the youth.

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